Medical Funding

We facilitate medical care with orthopedic specialists, pain management, neurology, physiatry, MRI and hold liens with facilities for injections and surgeries.

Cash Advances

We offer pre-settlement cash advances to help meet your financial needs until your case settles. These are non-recourse which means you don't pay unless you win your case.

Attorney Funding

Don't let lack of funds keep you from winning a case. Attorney funding can help pay for court related costs, expert funding and anything else to help win your clients case

Quality Medical Treatment

The right medical care can make all the difference in your client getting back to their life before the accident. Our team works closely with medical providers to ensure all necessary paperwork and referrals are taken care of for fast scheduling and making sure bills and reports are sent to the attorney quickly for case management needs. We do not have any involvement in the course of treatment but rather handle the paperwork so you can focus on other areas of your case. We have funded over 200 injection cases and over 100 surgeries, including spinal disc fusions, rotator cuff repair, knee and wrist injuries.

Pre-Settlement Funding

With no upfront costs or monthly payments due, pre-settlement cash advances are an option when all other financial options have been explored. These are not a loan and are non-recourse, which means that if your client doesn't win their case, we don't collect and nothing is owed until the end of your case. Funds are provided by wire transfer or check with one day delivery so you can take care of your financial needs and worry about the things that truly matter.

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