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Funding When It's Needed Most

Specializing in Medical Care on Lien & Pre-Settlement Funding





We facilitate quality medical care with providers in the Northern California area. Whether you are needing consults and evaluations, pain management or surgeries, we can help fund the care that is needed


We offer pre-settlement cash advances to help cover basic living expenses during the course of your case. These are non-recourse which means if you don't win your case, we don't collect. With no upfront fees or monthly payments, you can focus on winning your case and recovering from injuries


Don't let lack of funds keep you from winning a case. Attorney funding can help pay for court related costs, expert funding and anything else to help win your clients case



Creative Legal Funding was created by a prior accident victim who knows first hand what each client faces. As an attorney focused funding company, we are constantly evaluating our services and process to ensure we are providing the simplest and most efficient service to ensure your client receives the care they need, without encountering any additional hurdles.


We know the service we provide directly effects your client's satisfaction with your services which is why we go above and beyond other funding companies.


We do not charge monthly interest on the medical care provided as many other companies do, our team has met up with clients in person to hand deliver cash advances, even on weekends, and our founder is often available by text for quick answers to case underwriting. We are truly your partner from beginning of case to the very end.



Creative Legal Funding works directly with attorneys to help facilitate medical care for injured clients that possess little to no health coverage. Once our intake process is completed, our team will begin working with medical providers to get your client scheduled for consults, pain injections and if needed, surgeries.


We do not have any involvement in the care and treatment direction of your client but are simply the go between with each office to schedule and obtain billing so your office can focus on other aspects of the case. If your client is experiencing significant financial strain, we offer pre-settlement cash advances that can help meet your clients needs and have several options available to ensure timely receipt of funds.


How We Began


Creative Legal Funding was launched in 2008 after our founder was involved in a major auto accident where he suffered extensive injuries that required multiple surgeries. Despite possessing health insurance, he was left with out of pocket expenses that reached the five-figure level over his three year case period. After his experience, he knew there had to be a better way for personal injury victims so he began reaching out to attorneys and medical providers and Creative Legal Funding was the result. Over these 10 years, our team has worked endlessly to build a network of providers in the Northern California area your clients can rely on for quality care.



Brett Hansbery
Founder & CEO
Cheryl Costa
Administrator & Case Manager 

Having suffered extensive injuries after being involved in a major auto accident, Brett knows first hand the damages these injuries cause and the process each client faces on their road to recovery. This gives him a unique approach when underwriting a case for funding as he understands the needs of each client and is here to advocate for the care they deserve and the financial help they need.

Cheryl has worked in the legal field for over 32 years- first as a legal secretary, next as a court reporter and then for a law firm where she gained 16 years of experience. This is where she met our founder who immediately recognized Cheryl's merits and offered her a position as Case Manager for Creative Legal Funding.

When she's not working, Cheryl enjoys spending time with her husband of over 25 years and their two teenage boys.

Lacie Murphy
Office & Accounting Manager

Lacie started with Creative Legal Funding in 2012 as our administrative and marketing assistant and is currently our Office & Accounting Manager in charge of accounts payable and receivable, case payoff information and records requests. Prior to working with CLF, Lacie studied leadership and has handled multiple employer accounts over the years.

She is a devoted wife and mom of four with a passion for healthy living, homeschooling and giving back to her community.




5836 Fallen Oak Trail, Pollock Pines, CA 95726

Phone:  (916) 780-9080


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